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Causes And Consequences Of Sleepiness Among College Students

Students should try to get at least 8 hours of uninterrupted regular sleep time for optimal results. This is because of two very important reasons. Studies have shown that sleep is the time when the brain repairs itself, disposes off any dead cells and generates new cells to replace them.

Secondly, and most importantly, for students, 8 hours of regular, uninterrupted sleep allow the brain to categorize any new information gained during the day as important and unimportant. Additionally, and simultaneously new neurons are created that link new information with any old information that had been taught, making it easier to remember as much information as possible.

The first rule of having enough sleep time is by organising one’s schedule. There needs to be a balance between school, tuitions, play, family time, and sleep. A daily schedule inked down and put up in visible places of the home might help in this regard.

Below are some of the ways that can help students get adequate sleep.

An Irregular sleep-wake cycle

A student’s erratic time for going to sleep could be for many reasons. It could be that the student stays up late to study. They don’t have good time management skills and leave the work for the last day. They have strict deadlines to meet, so they are awake the entire night to complete the work. The consequence of not sleeping at the right time results in the student dozing off during lectures.

Their mind is not active, and they are unproductive. They lag behind in their studies, their grades decline, and they become stressed. Like a vicious cycle, the lack of sleep leads them towards a poor grade.
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The pressure of exams and tests

Some students take a lot of pressure on upcoming exams, and so they are not able to sleep well. They stay up most of the night thinking about their exams. This keeps them up most of the night. The next morning, they find themselves sleepy and so they are unable to get their full concentration in their paper.

Late-night meet-ups with friends

Some students are not motivated enough. They are not driven enough, so they don’t find the studies interesting. These students take it easy, and they are sleepy because they watch movies late at night. They stay up chatting with their friends and hang out with friends late in the evening. The consequence of their late-night socialization results in not being attentive in class. They find the course even harder to grasp. They lose interest and start to become bored in class. Thus, they start to get sleepy and miss out on the lectures. When they are required to work on their coursework, that’s when they realise the trouble they are in. So visit now and avail the service now